Reliving the Days of the Past

Many yea4rs ago there was a computer game that I would play on the computers at school. The game was mostly suited for young kids, but I enjoyed it. Years after that game was released, the company that made it went bankrupt, and their game became abandoned. When a game enters an abandoned state, anyone can download it from the Internet without worry about legal ramifications. If there was one place that I knew I would be able to find the game, it had to be Pirate Bay. They usually have all of the old games that people used to play in their youth.

I was able to easily find the game, and I downloaded it, but I ran into a problem that prevented me from playing it. The game wasn’t compatible with the operating system that I was using. These old games were made for simpler systems, and required special methods to get them running. In order to play the game, I had to emulate the same process on my system. This required a virtual machine to be downloaded onto the system and run. Then I had to create a virtual floppy drive within the machine and run the game from there.

The virtual machine worked, and I was finally able to get the game up and running. It was just like how I remembered it all those years ago in school. The game was still as easy as ever, but I didn’t care because I was having fun. One of my closes friends was also a huge fan of the game, so i called him up and held the phone to my computer speaker. When my friend heard the game sounds, he raced over to my house to play the game. We played it for hours before getting tired.

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