More Options Are out There

While living in the heart of Dallas, I’ve learned a lot about saving money. There’s always some way to save a dollar or get a discount. Most of the money I make goes to utilities, and in order to get the best price on these, I had to shop plans. Most people don’t know that they can actually find another provider for their utilities. Before moving to Dallas, I used to be under one company and it was the only option I had, so when I moved, I didn’t think to look around for any alternative, because I figured there weren’t any.

The first plan I shopped around for was my energy provider. I had been considering getting an array of solar cells put on the roof, which would allow me to life off the grid completely. I found out that a company in my area has a plan that allows me to use solar cells, while still being hooked up to the grid. Any excess energy that I get from the solar cells can be sold back to this company, and they would give me a credit that I would be able to use any way I like.

I also looked for another company to provide me with gas. I switched over to a new gas stove, so I was wanted to get a good rate on something that I would be using just about every day to cook my food. The company I selected has a plan where I only have to pay one flat fee, no matter how much gas I use. This comes in really handy during the winter, when I like to turn on the heat for hours to keep the cold air away. If I had to pay for each use, I would go bankrupt.

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