I Picked Satellite over Cable Not Because of the Picture but Because of the Price and Features

Our cable company took my favorite channel and moved it to a package that was a lot higher in price. They knew it was a popular channel, so it just made sense to do that from a business perspective. Well, since I did want more channels anyway, I figured I might opt for the higher tier package for TV programming. I got a price from them, and then got a price for the same thing through satellite TV. I found out that the price for the satellite programming was lower when I decided to finally learn more about it.

I would see all of the dishes on the roofs around my neighborhood. My neighbor who I watch a lot of golf with on the weekends when we can’t be on the courses has satellite. Golf is a high value sport and it looks good on just about any TV system. The imagery is part of what sells it, so you get a lot of really high-definition detail watching the golf games. It is the same for football and some other sports. Since the golf games on his system looked about the same as what I got with cable, I decided to compare based on the channels I would get for the price rather than how it looked.

The next thing I looked at was features we could use. The DVR capability of being able to record more than two shows at once was great. The cable company just began offering that, but they wanted a fortune for that service. The satellite service cost for that feature was much lower. An introductory price for being a new customer was also a great incentive. Getting installation done quickly was another incentive. So the bottom line for me for going with satellite over cable was the cost per month and the features and actual channels we get.

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