I Found a New Job Nearby

It is a very long way from perfect, especially since I have to move to a new town about an hour and a half away from Fort Worth. However the truth is that I have had a bit of luck in finding a place to stay that is not going to cost me much, aside from having to figure out the best TXU plans for a mobile home. The place belongs to this rancher and he wants someone to be at home, have the lights on and look as though they might whip out a gun and shoot you if you wanted to trespass on his land. Apparently some of the local folks like to go out on his land in their 4 x 4 pick up trucks. He showed me way, About a quarter of a mile off of the road he owns this really steep hill, one that is perfect if you want to prove your truck can climb a hill better than your cousin’s truck.

Of course the trespassers are doing a lot more than this. They are leaving behind a whole lot of beer bottles and beer cans. They seem to favor Lone Star and Pearl, just like a Texan should. They like to do doughnuts in the pasture and stuff like that. He says that they leave their underwear behind some of the time, he has a lot of ponds that are about perfect for skinnydipping. At any rate this old mobile home sits right across the only real way to gain access to the area and if I was there I would be in a position to see people climbing that hill. The next thing is to call the sheriff on them, although I would not expect them to be able to do a lot.

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