I Can Finally Deal with One Company Instead of Two

I had been dealing with getting both Internet and phone from two separate companies for several years. This happened because both of the companies in my area that offer both services had very different prices for bundling services. I realized that it would save me a lot of money to use the two separate companies. However, I really wanted to find a company that has great service prices so that I could stick with just one bill per month, rather than two.

I realize that may sound odd to most people. But when you are a cowboy living on a Texas ranch, you often do not have as many options as other people have. The ranch I work on sits on thousands of acres in a very rural area, and not many places even provide service out here So, you take what you can get.

But I learned that there’s a company called Frontier who is now offering bundle plans here in my neck of the woods. I looked online to learn more about them, and it looks like that most people are very happy with the service they get from this company. You can never be too sure, so it is always very important to read reviews. I learned that hard way in the past when I signed up with some company that was not well known, and I didn’t bother to do my homework before getting signed up.

I decided that I would keep my old accounts, but also sign up with this new company. I wanted to see if everything went okay before fully committing to it. If it worked for me as well as it does for so many of their other customers, I could then cancel what I had with the other two companies. It turned out that I have had no trouble with my phone or Internet, so I’m sticking with this new company for sure.

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