How We Use Corporate Gift Items for Customer Appreciation and Employee Incentives

One of my favorite gifts that we hand out is a 4-port USB hub shaped like a dog bone. We also have printed hats and t-shirts. A premium gift is a power bank for charging smartphones. We get all of these things from a place that produces Singapore corporate gifts. It is inexpensive and they go a long way toward customer loyalty and employee appreciation. We have sales incentives and other goal incentives for employees. All of them involve a financial bonus, and the corporate gifts are added bonuses that people really like.

Our sales teams that go into the field really like getting a business card holder that we have. It was so popular that we started just handing them out to every new salesperson who hands out business cards in the field. Even our upper management likes them. It use to be an incentive, and our employee who handles gift distribution would not hand a single extra one out. Not even the CEO could get his hands on one. He asked! The employee had strict instructions to account for every corporate gift distribution, and this especially applied to incentive items used for handing out to employees. It created a market of demand that was kind of funny. Some of the corporate gifts we were handing out were right up there with the desire for getting any free products we offered from our lineup.

The customer service staff that mans the call center for technical and billing help really like what are called stress toys. They are usually squishy or bouncy things you can use to occupy your hands when talking to a customer, especially one who may be difficult to handle. Those corporate gifts with our brand logo on them are insanely popular. Adults and kids both like them. They are tactile toys that are just fun. We have an entire room filled with corporate gift inventory that we keep locked up to keep the CEO out of!

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