How Does Offset Lithography Printing Work?


How Does Offset Lithographic Printing Work?
This is a tutorial video explaining the offset lithographic printing process.

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Video Transcript

How does offset lithography printing work?

Let’s start off with what the customer applies us with.

A PDF file of what they want to print.

In this instance we have a two full-color poster. We didn’t take
this poster and split it up into the primary colors which are cyan.

You can see the blue color and magenta which is a pinkish color yellow. These four colors are printed on top of each other which produces a
full-color image.

We then take these four separate images and use a machine called
a plate sitter to bring these images onto aluminium plates.

These aluminum plates have very sensitive cutting that
attracts ink.
The center burns away over non image areas
leaving another image areas to reach the
ink that will stick.

Yeah you can see the image plate leaving
the plate setter. You can see a light
image on the plate now so this is ready
for the press.

Yeah you can see the plate being inserted into place.

The plate goes around the cylinder, holding the
plate cylinder.

We’ll talk about a
bit later on the four-color place that will have
a minimum of four printing units unit
for each of the primary colors.

A unit for cyan magenta yellow and black. It can
also have more than four units for
specialized colors though.

It can have four extra units to print full color on
both sides so you can see our X or 105
art of the printing in place.

You can see the units here on the side each unit
will print in a separate color onto the

At the back of her place is the paper
loading unit you can see a stack of IPR
ready to be printed.

Each printing press unit contains three main cylinders.

The plate salami or blanket cylinder and the
impression cylinder in this image. We are
looking at the sign press unit first.

The tsiyon plate is clamped around the plate
cylinder as the cylinder start turning.
Ink is applied to the plate cylinder.
This ink is then transferred to the
blanket cylinder and then the blanket
cylinder transfers this image to the
paper when the paper passes between the
blanket cylinder.

The impression cylinder where the offset printing comes
from the fact that the plate cylinder
does not come directly onto the paper.

The image force gets transferred onto
the blanket cylinder which is then
murdered and then gets passed onto the
paper. This produces a right
reading image.

Again the sheet of paper
through all four units in the
printing place and all four primary
colors are printed on top of each other.

The cyan the magenta here the yellow and
the black to produce the full color in
the image and this is your final product

This is a basic tutorial on how
offset lithography printing works we hope you
enjoyed the video and they’ll be more

Soon thank you for the support bye

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