I Found a New Job Nearby

It is a very long way from perfect, especially since I have to move to a new town about an hour and a half away from Fort Worth. However the truth is that I have had a bit of luck in finding a place to stay that is not going to cost me much, aside from having to figure out the best TXU plans for a mobile home. The place belongs to this rancher and he wants someone to be at home, have the lights on and look as though they might whip out a gun and shoot you if you wanted to trespass on his land. Apparently some of the local folks like to go out on his land in their 4 x 4 pick up trucks. He showed me way, About a quarter of a mile off of the road he owns this really steep hill, one that is perfect if you want to prove your truck can climb a hill better than your cousin’s truck. Continue reading I Found a New Job Nearby